“I received the print Mark Island Light, and it is awesome!!! I took it to be framed which was a lot of fun. I will take a picture of it and send to you.”
– B.B.

“I just dropped the print off at the framers, so I got to see it unrolled. WOW! We ended up going with a black float frame, and its going to look incredible. I feel like a little kid at X-Mas, I can’t wait to get this back. When we unwrapped it the guy said ‘Wow, this is an amazing painting.’ Then he looked closer and said ‘Wow, this is an incredible quality print.’ As you know, I’m not a big art-knowledge guy, but I was very proud to bring that piece in-I was like a celebrity! Can’t wait to have it in the house! Thanks so much, this is going to be the focal point of our whole downstairs.” – Q.C.

“I love going to Newport and walking into Arnolds Art Store and seeing your beach scene. It takes me back to my own childhood in Westport Point, MA living near the beach. Beautiful work.” – J.B.

“We have been buyers of Mr. Hoyt’s work, both originals and prints, for the past twenty years. This past year we bought three giclees, Windjammers Round the Ferry Dock, The Sea, and Little Cranberry Beach. They are of the highest quality and do nothing to diminish his sublime work. People who have seen our collection whether in Manhattan or upstate New York, become great admirers. – J.T.

“Working for MBNA in Maine and now BOA in Delaware, I have admired your work for many years. I own Camden Morning, Popham Beach, and Peapod off Rockland and enjoy them every day. I am looking forward to owning some of your original work.” – N.E.

“I was working on a project, searching for Tuscany pictures and found your “Kitchen in Tuscany”. It was so real and I could not take my eyes off it. That led me to look at the web page of your work. It is outstanding. Beautiful work and I just had to email you and tell you it filled my heart with warmth and inspiration.” – S.B.

“My wife and I enjoy your work very much. When in Maine, each of the last four years, we have purchased one of your prints as wedding anniversary gifts to one another. We were delighted when “Lobsters and Champagne” became available.” – T. & C. W.

“My girlfriend and I first encountered Wmb’s artwork this past summer while visiting Kennebunkport, and we were so impressed with the quality and style. We were especially drawn to “General Electric”, and I purchased a print of it for my girlfriend as a Christmas gift this year. She absolutely loved this painting and I can’t wait to see the look on her face when she sees it. She was convinced there was no way we could get the print, since it wasn’t available at the time. She is going to be absolutely thrilled.
Thank you so much Wmb and Kathryn!”
– P.B.