William B. Hoyt

“There is a challenge and a joy in seeing something ineffably beautiful or moving and resolving to make a painting of it. The threads of the canvas, the sea, Vermont, family, friends, and Maine have woven themselves inextricably into my psyche and my work. Sometimes I go looking, often early in the morning or toward the end of the day, after the harsh light softens. Other times a subject recommends itself unsolicited with the realization that a painting is staring me in the face. No matter the motivation or the circumstance, to me painting is a kind of meditation, and that keeps me focused on the chosen subject.”

I was born in October 1945 and grew up on the campus of St. George’s

School in Middletown, RI.  I was raised by my mother, Kitty, who was a 

well regarded portrait painter and father, Norris Hoyt, who was a 

renowned sailor, writer, and photographer. I spent much of my

childhood sailing and painting. In 1963 I graduated from St. George’s

School and then from Yale in 1967 with a major in fine art. In 1968 I

was commissioned at USN Officer Candidate school. I served on the

staff of COMSIXTHFLEET where I was recognized for my artistic abilities

and did portraits of admirals and a portfolio of paintings of fleet

activities for the Naval Art Collection. In 1970 I returned to civilian life

and came to Vermont. My subjects have included marine, landscape,

and intimate domestic still lifes. All these subjects  share my interests in

the effect of light at a particular moment. I have painted professionally for

the past fifty years and am included in private and corporate collections

including Steven and Dayna Bochco, John and Gwen Mccaw,

Senator Claiborne and Nuala Pell, Laurence and Mary Rockefeller,

Charles and Anne Sincerebeaux , Beth Webster, Bank of America and many others.